In the year 2008, when Team 360 started to acquire some form, and came to be known as a 360 biking, then. As time passed, the enthusiasts began to align themselves to make Team 360, a professional Motorsports team. The group also saw many crests and troughs, but today Team 360 stands as a consolidated group. After being actively in Motorsports by means of its enthusiasts, Team 360 now endeavours to take up bigger challenges, and envisions putting India on the global map, through local representation. There are numerous challenges that Motorsports faces, this we cite from what we have learnt. However the greatest challenge lies in the cultural factor that rejects Motorsports on the grounds of being a rash game.But,passion and enthusiasm if streamlined, becomes a culture and a legacy in itself. So the brotherhood that Team 360 nurtures and seeks to endear became the philosophy that drives the team and its elements. So as the philosophy of Team 360 goes: Channelising the emotional connect amongst motor sports enthusiasts and develop a brotherhood of Indians, who endure or intend to endure motor sports in its every form.Today team 360 has not just remained a cult of Motorsports enthusiasts, but a platform that breeds and cherishes this enthusiasm.














TEAM 360 seeks to provide a platform that engenders ideas and knowledge for development of business of Motorsports; keeping the soul and spirit of the sport at the heart of the business. It seeks to be a network of passionate professionals related to Motorsports who contribute to develop the knowledge capacity for the business. The focus is on countries where the sport remains obscure and its talent wavering in darkness.

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