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This forum is an outcome of resistance offered in many forms to the sport, namely the resistance from related industries and lack of strong leadership and guidance in regards to motorsports and the people connected to it. Through this forum, we are trying to communicate to this dispersed talent and create a talent pool for the professionals and the key decisions makers.

The idea of this forum is born out of those key fans in the sports who are continuously disheartened by the cultural in-acceptability of the sport and a possible lucrative career.

We are hopeful that through this initiative, we are able to make a difference in the world of Motorsports by creating networking platforms and by creating an interest and an aware ear for the issue.

TEAM 360 seeks to provide a platform that engenders ideas and knowledge for development of business of motorsports; keeping the soul and spirit of the sport at the heart of the business. It seeks to be a network of passionate professionals related to motorsports who contribute to develop the knowledge capacity for the business. The focus is on countries where the sport remains obscure and its talent wavering in darkness.

TEAM 360 is a brainchild of resistance offered in many forms to the sport, namely the resistance from related industries and lack of strong leadership and guidance. Thus through this channel we seek to gather such leaders and guides who can shape the large pool of scattered talent into a potential giant industry, encompassing all the avenues of development for the sport in countries where both the sport and the motorsports industry are either unborn or infant. The objective is to eventually garner the vital support needed to fuel the development of the sport and the industry: it all begins with one important input – Knowledge.

Who can join?

  • Motorsports industry experts from across the globe; displaying expertise in the form of personal contributions or experience in Motorsports

  • Motorsports industry enthusiasts from countries where the sport is either in an infant or nascent stage

  • Related Industry (direct and indirect) representatives from across the globe, who seek to promote the sport as they perceive it as a potential platform for co-development

  • Entrepreneurs venturing/ed into Motorsports and related industries

  • Students pursuing any course related to Motorsports, automobiles, industrial designing; who display a potential and keen interest in providing valuable inputs for the development of the industry


To remember:

The list of contributors and panelists is moderated, but comments are welcome.

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Services Rendered

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