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Symphony of Freedom

Riding brings in a sense of freedom, as you leave the world behind you. The roads become the journey, the purpose becomes the destination. The road stripes take the shape of a film roll, the landscape becomes the canvas; and the music becomes the background score.

Music brings in serenity, joy and a feeling of being in sync with the surroundings. The beats of the music come to agreement with your heartbeat. The feeling of being one with your machine achieves an all new meaning. The exhaust note blends beautifully with the beat to create a symphony one cannot describe in words.

Music is an extension of a personality. Yes, the cool breeze, the open highways, you and your beloved machine and your favourite tune. Sometimes, things don’t get better than this. Your music player has a mind of its own and plays tunes just the way you want them. Music is a language which transcends beyond languages, creeds, and cultures; it connects straight to your inner soul. Riding, for many; serves the same purpose.

Reasons are plenty; sometimes a stress buster; or an escapism from the world. Whatever the reason may be; music make rider’s spirit incandescent and achieve the level of concentration required for riding. In India, roads are herded with cows and pedestrians. Music tends to keep the rider calm amidst the conditions he is surrounded in. A calm mind is forgiving and tends to make fewer mistakes. However, which can sometimes be life threatening as well. Some claim that Hard Genres of music tend to make the riders pull the throttle or rather become reckless. Yes, it’s the adrenaline rush. You know, it’s for the kicks.

The debate looks as old as the discovery of music and invention of wheels. Riddled by traffic cops booking you for listening to music while riding, they are ought to do that, as the law perceives it as danger to public safety. The debate comes to the point of Human multi-tasking, which serves as a dilemma. Choice is the word to be believed. You don’t want to lose your cool in traffic and end up hurling abuses amidst a traffic jam, unless you want to foray in violating the laws.

Riders have a very different approach to define music. The wind gushing through their helmet, the harmony it establishes like the Ying Yang is also music to their ears. They sink into the music which covers up for a lot of things the mind may end up occupying. A lot has been talked about its safety aspect though. As long as the rear view mirrors are tipped to reflect well, and you do refer to it, it seems safe to an extent. But the law doesn’t differentiate between a skilled rider and an amateur. If you still choose to enjoy music while riding, the volume should be kept low. Hear and beware. You don’t want a speeding truck or car coming onto you because you couldn’t hear it. Life is more divine then music and safety comes first. Using the right kind of headphones is crucial. But the rider always has music to play, the engine exhaust note mesmerises… especially when it’s revving hard or if it’s an inline-4.

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